Safety Tips for Heavy Lifting

When moving into a new home or storage unit, nine times out of ten it’s impossible to get through without lifting boxes, both light and heavy. We’ve put together some tips to consider before you start your move in order to prevent injury to your back and other parts of your body. Pack Strategically One […]

Using Storage in San Diego for Your Seasonal Decorations

  As summer draws to a close, the holiday seasons are quickly approaching. For many, this means the excitement of decorating and the much-dreaded task of finding proper storage all of your decorations as each holiday comes and goes. However, storing your décor doesn’t have to be difficult! Instead, you can follow the simple tips […]

How to Use Storage in San Diego for Green Renovations

During any remodeling project at home, you have to make sure you don’t make a mess of your home furnishings and other possessions. Using self-storage in San Diego is the way to way to do it without creating a ton of waste. Storage units allow you to limit fuel consumption used for transporting goods as […]