Convenient and Secure Storage Solutions in San Diego

If you’re looking for portable storage in San Diego, Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) has the options meeting all of your needs. The “portable” in portable storage in San Diego is all about your convenience and more… Portable storage is certainly about saving you money whether for your personal, office, manufacturing, or any other need, but just as importantly, […]

How to Benefit in Unique Ways with Storage Containers in San Diego

Storage containers are incredibly versatile. That’s little wonder considering almost every product we buy and use was inside a storage container at some time. However, the flexibility goes way beyond storage. People convert these into easy to transport offices for remote work sites, for weekend cabins, and even backyard guesthouses. Here at CMS, we really […]

How Mobile Storage Can Help with the Remodel of Your Home

Are you about to embark on a major remodel of your home and are stressingaboutwhere to store your belongings to protect them from potential construction work and damage?Thinking about covering all your furniture with plastic and hope it does not suffer harm?No need to worry,Coronado Mobile Storage has the solution:mobile storage units in San Diego. […]

Three Reasons to Spring Clean This Year!

Spring is on the horizon! Fling open the windows, let in the fresh air, and clean out the house. Spring cleaning can have a number of purposes and methods, but almost all of those require some extra storage space. Deep clean your floors. Pet owners and toddler parents know that floors can get filthy, fast. […]

Mobile Storage Containers for Your Next Move

Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) offers the self-storage room that comes to you. We provide containers that can be stored at our facility or remain at your location after being loaded. Through the delivery of all steel cargo containers, the company`s storage concept enables all our customers to fulfill all their storage desires without the necessity […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Portable Storage in San Diego

Choosing portable storage in San Diego gives you flexibility when planning a move, while you remodel your home or simply when you need more space around the house. However, some people do several things wrong. Here are five mistakes to avoid. 1. Including Toxic or Flammable Materials You can pack nearly anything inside a storage […]

Make Moving a Breeze with Portable Storage in San Diego

Moving is tough. In fact, trying to pack up your entire life into boxes and moving, no matter the distance, can be stressful, time-consuming, and most obviously, expensive! However, you don’t need to rent costly moving trucks to get your belongings to your new location. In fact, by using portable storage in San Diego, you […]

A Quick Guide to Self-Storage

Most people find themselves in need of some extra storage at one point or another. For example, a home renovation may require the temporary storage of your furniture. Or perhaps you’re preparing to put your home on the market and want to de-clutter. However, you may be overwhelmed by all of the storage options that […]