Who Can Benefit from Renting a Mobile Storage Unit?

  Renting mobile storage units in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage is the most convenient, cost-effective solutions for almost every situation or circumstance. The ease of having the container dropped off, transported, and picked up offers flexibility for homeowners, students, and others in need of temporary or longer term storage and moving needs. Homeowners […]

Professional Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

You are preparing to move and have decided to use mobile storage units in San Diego to transport your belongings. Using a mobile storage unit is a cost-effective, efficient moving method, allowing you to move on your schedule and on your terms. It also means you will be responsible for the loading and unloading of […]

Pros of Moving with a Mobile Storage Unit in San Diego

An alternative to the traditional practice of renting a truck to facilitate a move is to rent a cost-effective and convenient portable storage unit in San Diego from the leading industry professionals at Coronado Mobile Storage. Every move and situation is different. It is important to consider all options carefully to make the best decision […]

Packing Your Storage Unit

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is exciting for all, especially if you’re moving into a new home.When it comes to storing your possessions, you have different options in San Diego. Some people will opt for a more traditional unit requiring them to transport items back and forth to a remote facility. […]

Coronado Mobile Storage Can Help You Move into the New Year the Right Way

Moving is an exciting adventure and when the move happens around the New Year, there is an added feeling of being able to get a fresh start on life. The affordable mobile storage in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage provide a convenient, cost-efficient way to transport your belongings from the old place to your […]

Storage Containers for Sale-What to Look For

Coronado Mobile Storage has a large inventory of used and “one trip” cargo-worthy storage containers for sale at the most affordable rates in the industry. “One trip” containers have literally only been used for one ocean transport. Inspection No special equipment or techniques necessary to inspect the storage containers for sale at Coronado Mobile Storage. […]

The Many Facets of a Portable Storage Unit

Large containers used for portable storage in San Diego have many benefits and features that standard storage units can’t match. Having a durable, sturdy storage unit delivered to your property provides flexibility, versatility, and cost-saving advantages for a wide range of uses and applications. Moving If you are moving down the street or across the […]

How to Benefit in Unique Ways with Storage Containers in San Diego

Storage containers are incredibly versatile. That’s little wonder considering almost every product we buy and use was inside a storage container at some time. However, the flexibility goes way beyond storage. People convert these into easy to transport offices for remote work sites, for weekend cabins, and even backyard guesthouses. Here at CMS, we really […]

Tis the Season to Give Back

Whether it is in the holiday spirit of helping the less fortunate or as a response to the recent overwhelming devastation of the California wildfires by organizing a donation drive for those affected; using mobile storage unit, to safely secure the donated items, is the perfect method. CMS will deliver a storage container to your […]

For the Collector of Things

Most people collect things. Small trinkets, books, coins, and even cars have found their way into a collection. The reasons behind the habit of gathering and saving items are as varied as the items themselves. If you are one of the many who has a unique collection and lacks the space to store it, CMS’s […]