Mobile Storage Containers for Your Next Move

portable storage in san diego

Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) offers the self-storage room that comes to you. We provide containers that can be stored at our facility or remain at your location after being loaded. Through the delivery of all steel cargo containers, the company`s storage concept enables all our customers to fulfill all their storage desires without the necessity […]

How Portable Storage Containers Help First-Time Home Buyers

Portable Storage Containers

First-time home buyers face so many challenges. Once you get your finances in order, look for mortgage pre-approval, find a real estate agent and buy the house, you may feel like your work is done. However, moving into your new home from your current residence can be quite an ordeal. Here are ways that mobile […]

Declutter Your Home with Spring Cleaning

As spring has settled in, this can only mean one thing – it’s high time for some serious spring cleaning. Who doesn’t love spring, right? Nature comes back to its beautiful form – everything’s green and blooming, and we are filled with energy. However, once this wonderful season is back, the odds are that your […]

Our Mobile Storage Solution in San Diego

Are you about to make the big move? Or perhaps you just want to declutter your home? Coronado Mobile Storage is here to help you the best way possible. About Coronado Coronado Mobile Storage has been providing San Diego with storage services since 1996. We offer high quality solutions for a reasonable price. In fact, […]

How to Make Moving Easier

Making the big move can certainly be exciting, but it’s fair to say that the practical side of it is not something that most people look forward to. However, with a little planning ahead and smart organization, you can make the moving process much more pleasant for yourself and your family. In this article, we […]

Declutter Your Home with Mobile Storage

Living in a cluttered home can bring about stress. The solution to decluttering and getting rid of possessions that you don’t use but still want to keep is mobile storage. Coronado Mobile Storage provides the most convenient and hassle free way of using storage. Decluttering can seem like a gigantic task. This can lead to […]

4 Ways Coronado Mobile Storage Beats the Competition

There are several operators offering storage in San Diego, but of these companies Coronado Mobile Storage stands above the rest. Our service is secure, easily accessible (by customers) and reasonably priced while being backed up with superior customer service. In this article, we explain why Coronado Mobile Storage is the best choice for all your […]

Is It Better to Store Possessions Remotely or on Your Own Premises?

If you are pondering your options for storage in San Diego, then you may have considered whether it’s better to keep things on-site or to store your possessions at a remote location. Fortunately, with Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) you can choose either of these two options. The better choice will depend on your individual circumstances. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Turn to Mobile Storage

One major issue that many people face today is a lack of available space. If you are looking for storage in San Diego , then you may wish to consider using mobile storage solutions. Compared to traditional storage services, mobile storage offers a number of benefits including convenience, flexibility and less handling. Without further ado, […]

Tips on Proper Storage

If you’re currently searching for a storage solution, odds are good that you’re pretty frustrated with the whole thing already. Coronado Mobile Storage has the convenient solutions you have been waiting for. We offer mobile storage units in San Diego that we bring to your home or location of choice and once filled we either […]